Devblog—June 6, 2017

Was moving last week, hence no devblog. Didn’t make a whole lot of progress anyways, and a lot of my stuff’s still in boxes or just non-existent because I moved into a larger space.

However, I’m going to be taking a short break from SR:New Orleans.

While I was waiting the few days for internet to get set up, I went out and picked up a copy of Neuromancer by William Gibson.


Obviously, highly recommended—some call it the “father of cyberpunk” (though I later learned that the movie Tron came out two years before it, so the aesthetic of “the Grid” existed before Gibson called it “the Matrix”. But that’s all details and I’m sure smarter people than I have written lengthy papers about it).


I know I’m not the first person to look at Case’s near-death experience in the Straylight Run and then look at Monika’s death in Dragonfall and go, “Wait a minute…”

I believe there’s a mod called Random Access Memories on the Steam workshop that explores something like that, but it’s set 1 year after the events of Dragonfall. I, however, just want to do a really short story (like, an hour, tops) that’s just Monika’s jaunt into the Harfield Manor Matrix. Really, it’s going to be an exploration of death, and a sort of test for me as a writer to implement basic story “steps” as a cohesive narrative through the gaming medium. Also, being much smaller in scope than New Orleans, it’s a project I much more realistically hope to accomplish, so New Orleans isn’t the first thing I’ve ever vomited out onto the workshop.

I’ve drawn up a few sample/proof-of-concept screenshots, merging “meat” architecture to Matrix architecture, and I like the aesthetic.


So I’m moving into initial dialogue and first triggers to get the scene framework setup and from there I can move into building combats and subsequent dialogues. I already have a plot outline sort of established, and I’m working on fine-tuning the plot points because there’s no point building a story without knowing where it goes.

Expect an announcement post in a day or two with more screenshots and the working title. Right now, the difficulty I face is just a lot of programming/scripting things setting up the initial walkabout. Once that’s done, I suspect the rest will be easy peasy.

Okay, nothing’s ever easy peasy when you’re still a rookie. But I’m super excited for this project!