Hey! You’ve been a good person lately. Have some working music:

Finished reading the New Orleans section from Smuggler Havens, including some of their creature lists and adventure ideas in the later chapters. Was really happy to read this line:

Many of the megacorporations familiar to Shadowrun players have a minimal presence in New Orleans.

That’s the conclusion I came to shortly after beginning my research, but to have it summed up so succinctly in a canon book…it’s just nice to have that kind of reaffirmation.

Still kind of scared to really dip my toe in the editor (any more than I really have). I mean, I tried to make a room and it kinda sucked. But maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong point of view. It really felt like in Dragonfall, almost any room could be used for combat, and they’re all designed with that in mind, maybe some of the Drogenkippe rooms aside.

Maybe I have to think out runs a bit more clearly before I really start digging in, or I’m just going to faff about. The other thing I should do is look at some other UGC, figure out what’s really possible. HBS did a “let’s review” series a while back before the Director’s Cut of Dragonfall was even released; I’m probably going to get into that.

The problem is that a lot of the things I saw them calling out (in just my short time watching) were trivial—people forgot to make text GM-speech in some cases. I’m not even at that level, but that would annoy me. These people can design bars, entire building interiors, neighborhood exteriors, but they can’t check a box or wrap some text in a border to change its appearance on dialogue? And I know HBS made this mistake once in Hong Kong, so no one’s a saint, but that’s just a really common problem I’ve noticed with med/low-quality UGC.

I kind of want to reconsider moving into the Hong Kong editor. Yes, I know the soundtrack options are lesser, but the combat is more refined, cyberware is better, adept spells are better, and they have some sick skyline assets. It’s true that New Orleans CBD is about the size of a penny compared to the metroplexes of Sixth World Seattle, Chi-town, Kowloon, and so on, but if I’m gonna do a rooftop battle, it’s gotta have them Hong Kong assets.

While I ponder, I’m going to start drafting up some content and writing it out, which means it’s time to evolve the SEO and start discerning things between “blog” and “content”. Not a huge issue, but an important one.

Anyways, gonna throw on another pot of coffee and get to work.