Review: The Corps

Before I can get into the telling of this story, we need to know who the players are, right?

Let’s take a look at the corps.

As a current resident of our world New Orleans, I can verify that oil & gas and medical are the two major industries. Oil and gas are actually down, but that’s largely due to events in our world; in Shadowrun, being an 80s fever dream of the future, oil and gas are still in abundance, and only appear to have grown.

That means we’re going to want to highlight Seretech, United Oil, Gulfstar (oil, possibly?), Cross Biomedical*, Shiawase Petrochemical, and some subsidiaries in the form of Envirotech (more Shiawase) and Biogene Technologies (Yakashima).

*At this point in history, Cross is a AAA Prime Megacorp.

Just from the corp list, it looks like biotech is a major competing ground between several corps; may be good stuff for a run to unlock biotech.

After doing some digging, I found on the French subreddit that Gulfstar is in fact a New Orelans-based company, and it’s a juicy one. Translated:

Gulfstar is a corporation headquartered in the New Orleans and President Jacob Keene . His main area of activity is petrochemicals but it also has a local cruise company, Delta Queen , which offers its customers a range of illegal services through an arrangement with Miriam Kozlowski .

The source material is a 3.0 version book called Smuggler Havens, which apparently deals with New Orleans. I’ve tracked down a copy and will peruse it, but I’m thinking Gulfstar’s going to be our Big Bad in some way. It’s nebulous enough to include everything I want: Matrix tech, computers/electronics, petrochemicals, even entertainment. And they’ve got mob connections.

But I think we can go deeper. I want this to be a story of change, and part of that means the “canon” resolution (like all SRR games I’m hoping to allow for multiple variations on the ending) will be putting the universe into line with the books. What if, like Kindly Cheng moving to Seattle with the Triad, we can tell a story about how Kozlowski comes to power. I din’t think I want Miriam to be the Fixer a la Kindly Cheng, but I think she can be a major player. And I think Gulfstar is going to be involved somehow.